Angry Birds coming to Facebook

We Love Angry Birds; You love Angry Birds; everyone loves Angry Birds: the game has been one of the biggest success stories of video gaming over the last year, with millions of people picking it up on iPhone or Android smartphones. Now the game is set to take another step towards immortality by setting up shop on Facebook.

The news, which will be terrifying for employers across the globe, also comes with the revelation that there will be a whole host of new gameplay features, which they say haven’t been seen on any other platform. Most interestingly of all, however, is the news that the bad piggies will play more of a role, which leads us to believe that you will also be conducting a brutal crushing of the Birds’ freedom fight.

‘There will be completely new aspects to it that just haven't been experienced on any other platform,’ said Rovio to tech bible Wired. ‘The pigs will have a more prominent role.’

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