Angry Birds a smash hit on Android

Here at Digitaledge we like our games state-of-the-art and hi-res, and we have a PS3, XBOx 360, Wii and a sick gaming PC to enjoy them on. (Stop showing off! - ed.) But it's easy to forget that the best-selling games right now are simple 99p apps for the iPhone and, increasingly, Android phones.

Take Angry Birds. The 'physics-based castle destruction game' (now there's a genre with a bright future) has been a smash hit on iPhone, and other phone OSs have been desperate to get in on the action - so much so that Microsoft claimed last week that the game was being prepared for Windows Phone 7, despite that not actually being the case.

One OS that has now got the game, though, is Google's Android. The game was released on Friday in the Android Market and, for some reason, the developers decided to make it free. The result? A whopping 1 million downloads in the first day.

Hopefully that'll make other developers see it's time to start bringing things out on Android at the same time as the iPhone. Yeah, that'll be the day.

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