Android tablet goodness: just weeks away

Ever since the launch of the iPad a few months ago (doesn't it seem like longer?), Apple-haters have been eagerly waiting for an alternative. It quickly became clear that Google's Android mobile operating system would be the best bet for a decent, touch-ready, app-equipped tablet experience, but the expected avalanche of Android tablets has been slow in coming.

Now, finally, it looks like the wait might be almost over. Digitimes is reporting that Toshiba's first Android tablet will be ready to go in September or October.

Details are thin on the ground - Engadget reports only that it'll 'run some version of Android' (helpful!), and will be powered by a 'NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.' That means a clock speed of 1GHz, similar to the iPad and new iPhone.

More details will no doubt come through soon. But in the meantime, enjoy fantasising about waving a new slice of silicon in your iPad-toting friends' faces.

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