Features of the Android Smartphone

The Android is a type of software that is being used by a number of mobile phones. It includes an operating system and important applications. Android enables advanced mobile phones or smartphones to have different applications including a text messaging program, email program, maps, browser, contact and calendars. It also includes a wide variety of more advanced applications that suit the different needs of users.

Browser Display

The browser is a very important feature of Android smartphone since it allows users to easily navigate through their mobile phones and organize their files. The latest Android smartphones allow multiple tabs for more navigation, and an incognito mode that allows users to browse through different websites anonymously. Users can also check the browsing history and bookmarked pages in a more organized view. In addition, the latest Android browser allows users to automatically sign into various Google sites and synchronize their bookmarks with Google Chrome.

Keyboard Framework

Android smartphones have a physical and virtual keyboard that allows users to effectively input data depending on the specific situation. The Android virtual keyboard is set up on the screen through a portrait or landscape orientation. It can also work in a variety of applications such as Gmail, text messaging, or other third-party applications. Android keyboards are equipped with advanced features such as an automatic correction feature, and user dictionary suggestions for common words.

User Screens

The latest Android smartphones are equipped with five different home screens that can be customized to give users easier access and faster browsing. Each display screen has a large grid that allows users to use and organize applications, wallpapers and icons. Each screen is also equipped with a search box that allows users to look for contacts, files, web content and other applications.

Messaging Features

Android smartphones have a notification mechanism that allows for all notifications to be arranged in an expandable menu. This includes all types of notifications such as new text messages, call alerts, received email messages and chat responses. Whenever a user gets a new message, a small notification strip appears at the top of the screen. This allows users to effectively manage their phone browsing with less interruption.

Camera Functions

The camera features of Android smartphones have a larger display screen that allows users to have a quicker access to the camera settings. The advanced camera applications also provides users with various scene settings, and allows for a quicker access to the flash, zoom function, focus, exposure and other camera settings. Android smartphones also have gallery applications that allow the viewing of photos albums in a thumbnail or full-screen mode.





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