And there's Google TV too

Once upon a time, Apple and Google were the best of friends. Google were a launch partner on the iPhone, providing search, maps, and one of the email options. Both forward-thinking and Californian, they seemed partners against the onslaught of Microsoft. But then... Google went into competition with Apple by introducing Android, and things were never really the same. Apple let users choose Bing over Google as their search provider on the iPhone, and are rumoured to be dumping Google Maps for iPhone's default map provider in favour of a home-made solution. And now... this. Just this last week, Apple overhauled its long-underperforming Apple TV product to be an internet-focused streaming device for the living room. Also this week, Sony showed off its implementation of Google's new service, Google TV, an, er, internet-focused streaming device for the living room. We reckon these two former pals are going to be tearing each other's hair out soon enough.

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