And the top 5 RSS feeds of 2006 are

In true end of year style, the long beards in the office have crunched a few numbers to reveal the most popular web content you MIX users are loading on to your shiny new personal homepages via RSS this year. The 2006 results (to 20th December, so Santa still has a chance if he’s writing a blog) are (drumroll please...):

1) Boing Boing – the ‘directory of wonderful things’, at the time of writing ranked number 2 on Technorati’s world blog ranking.

2) MAKE magazine – horrifying ladies across the country, MAKE magazine’s RSS feed has been providing web users with some serious DIY hints and tips. Keep an eye out for DIY disasters over the festive season!

3) Unreality TV – could this be the best reality TV show blog in the UK? Excite MIX users seem to think so. Gossip, reviews, profiles and scandal. It’s all covered here in one addictive blog.

4) Office Humour Jokes – a daily dose of light relief for the desk bound masses, provided via RSS to personalised start pages across the country.

5) Parker’s News – the UK’s car bible makes a surprise appearance, giving up to date info on what’s new in the auto world.

Results analysis: What does this tell WebTwitcher about those of you bright sparks who've caught on to getting your favourite content delivered straight to your homepage via RSS? You're information hungry DIY enthusiasts who love cars, with a secret addiction to reality TV and love of a good laugh.

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