And the top 3 UK Twitter Pimps are...

After being seduced into playing around with the background on WebTwitcher's Twitter, it prompted me to do an extremely well researched (...ahem..) chart of the UK's top 3 Twits who've pimped their sites. The criteria I used for my scientific study included:

Twits who'd been creative

Twits who'd used early html design rules

Twits who've gone retro

And the winners (at the time of writing; can't guarantee the sites remain the same, hence taking rapid screen shots displayed below) are:

Bobbie Johnson, (one of the Guardian's technology gurus, follow his blog) for treating us all to some psychedelic retro design. Awesome styling.

Paul Walsh for creatively displaying his recent liaisons with Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud.

And Sam Sethi of Vecosys fame whose circular photographic endevours joyously buck all run of the mill web 2.0 design trends.

WebTwitcher would like to see more outlandish Twitter styling from equally free thinkers, so if you're Twittering and your page looks, let's say 'creative', we want to know. C'mon kids, Pimp Your Twitter.


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