And now... the FourSquare Phone?

After much rumour, something resembling a 'Facebook phone' finally appeared last month - in the form of INQ's Cloud Touch, an Android phone with Facebook baked deep into its software: news feed on the phone's home screen, profiles in contacts, chat in messaging, and so on.

But what if Facebook isn't your oversharing tool of choice? What if you're more Foursquare's kind of people? Personally, we've never really seen the point of the location-broadcasting service/game-thing, but maybe you know something we don't. If so, you might want to consider future INQ phones, which will apparently have Foursquare baked in deep too.

Future INQ phones will have both Facebook and Foursquare on the home screen, letting users easily switch between the two. And 'checking in' to a place on the social network will be a simple matter of pressing a button.

We reckon the small number of hardcore Foursquare users who check in a lot will like this, but we wonder if there's really that many people who use the service so much they're prepared to choose a phone on that basis. We'll find out later this year when the first PhoneSquares, or whatever nonsense they get nicknamed, come out.

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