...and lots more Facebook phones to come in the future

For a company which insists it's not building a phone, Facebook sure as heck seems to be turning up in a lot of phones. Of course, just because Zuckerberg & co. aren't interested in making or selling a handset themselves doesn't mean other people aren't going to bake the social network into their phones' software. We've already seen four 'Facebook phones' in the last two weeks, two from HTC and two from INQ, and there could be plenty more where they came from.

How do we know? Well, the word came from Time magazine's Person Of The Year himself, the world's youngest billionaire, Mark 'better looking in the film' Zuckerberg. As you can see below, in a rather 1984-like address to the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, The Zuck predicted 'dozens' of phones with Facebook built in will arrive this year.

Exciting/terrifying stuff, eh? Of course, most people in the world won't be buying a new phone this year, let alone a fancy new smartphone. So Facebook has taken some steps to ensure people in developing countries get addicted to their services too. Digital security firm Gemalto have worked with the social network to produce a stripped-down Facebook app that works on a SIM card. Yes, you read that right. The idea is that people using really, really rubbish phones - ones that don't have even rudimentary internet access - will still be able to access a simple text-based version of the service. Theoretically, you could read your friends' statuses on a Nokia 5110 with this thing if you wanted to.

Facebook: conquering the universe, one phone at a time...

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