Everything you need to know about Anchorn transformers

Founded in 1984 in Taiwan, Anchorn Enterprises has always been an excellent provider of electronic equipment, but recently they have found themselves becoming more and more popular in the transformer market thanks to their wide range and excellent prices.

Located in Panchiao City, Taipei Hsien in Taiwan, Anchorn Enterprises founded the Yei Li Electronic factory back in 1996, with the hopes that it could help to increase both productivity and their research and development capabilities.

Since then both the factory and the company have gone from strength to strength. They now excel in the cheap and efficient production of quality electronic transformers, ballasts, dimmers and LED drivers.

Not content with that success, 2001 saw the opening of the Zhao Peng Plastic Building Materials and Metal Co. Ltd., a plant which currently stands at 20,000 square meters, dwarfing the initial 4,000 meter size and paying testament to the rapid growth the company has undergone in recent years.

With this new factory came the addition of twenty three brand new production lines, enabling Anchorn to churn out a range of new products, including folding doors, wall panels, ceiling panels, foam extrusions and PVC doors among countless others.

The Zhao Peng facility has enabled Anchorn research and development staff to create a whole range of new materials which include ABS, PE, PPT, 475, and acrylic, as well as an increasing range of environmentally friendly materials which help them to fall in line with new international regulations.

With such a huge range of products spanning both the plastics and electronics world, it is perhaps no surprise that Anchorn transformers are up there with the best in the business in their price range. You can check out more information about the company on their website at www.anchorn.com.tw

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