An overview of Nintendo Wii Sales

Nintendo Wii sales have grown to staggering amounts within the past decade. The popularity of the Nintendo DS was only eclipsed by the Nintendo Wii. The console was first released in North America. Sales of the Wii have exceeded the numbers for other gaming consoles.

According to recent information released, the sales of the Nintendo Wii have been at least 45 Million units within North America. This includes Wii sales within Mexico and Canada.

Sales within Asia and Japan have been an impressive 16 million. These sales have been fuelled by a young generation within these countries that want the latest or most up-to-date technology. However, the highest sales were recorded within the United States in 2009 when Nintendo sold the most of these consoles within the single month of December. The Wii also has the record for the highest selling gaming console within Australia and the second highest amount of Nintendo Wii sales within the United States.

The only time there was a slump in sales was when the economy was floundered. Since its release, Nintendo has dropped the price of the Wii in Europe from to starting price of €250 to €200. More information about purchasing the Wii can be found on the Official Nintendo Wii site at nintendo.co.uk/wii or on Play.com.

Nintendo sales in Europe and the UK have reached a high for any video game console. Sales within Europe are currently at 40 million units. The initial projection for Wii sales when it was first released was modest compared to the amount sold worldwide.

Worldwide the amount of Nintendo Wii units sold is close to 100 million consoles. Therefore, in many countries, the Nintendo Wii is one of the top 3 highest selling consoles.

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