An end to the Modern Warfare 2 hype

So the launch of Modern Warfare 2 is finally upon us, sort of. Next week on 10 November the most anticipated game of the year will be popping itself into the satisfied slots of Xbox 360, PC and PS3 owners everywhere, who will be desperate to shoot a huge load of bullets all over the internet. Aside from the pointless double entendres and thinly-veiled hints at teenage self-abuse, there is still a wealth of excitement from the DigitalEdge crowd too, and when our game arrives we’ll be making sure to push all the right buttons.... (ok, stop that now – Ed.)

So what have we in store for you today? Well, after the rather lame controversy surrounding the level where you get to shoot innocent civilians in an airport we thought we’d bring you a nice, and almost certainly the last, trailer, full of explosions and middle American towns being shelled by tanks. Delightful.

And now, the end is near...

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