An end to secular entertainment

There’s been a touch of controversy surrounding games recently. First came the never ending saga of that Modern Warfare 2 airport scene (including one bone-headed MP who wanted to ask questions about it in parliament), and then yesterday’s news that Assassin’s Creed 2 had all sorts of naughty themes running through it. Well now is the time to prove that games consoles aren’t (only) the tool of the devil, but are actually a way of keeping close to god.

Yes, that’s right, with the Bible Navigator X application, you too will be able to keep up with what’s cooking in the world of the Christianity. The world’s first ever Bible reader on the Xbox 360, will be available via Xbox Live Indie Games in December (just in time for Christmas, kids), and will give you, ‘The complete Old and New Testaments, a search tool, bookmarking, and adjustable settings - for big screen viewing and customizing reading themes.’

‘The Xbox isn't just secular entertainment anymore,’ said B&H Publishing’s Aaron Linne. ‘We can use technology that other people developed to study Scriptures through a new medium. Some people are just more comfortable with a controller in their hands than a book.’

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