An end to consoles?

A new form of gaming could be among us sooner than we think, and one that will stream your games directly through to your telly, all with one piece of hardware that will be cheaper than anything on the market today.

OnLive is an innovative idea that formed in the brain tissue of two men, Steve Perlmann (ex-of Atari), and Mike McGarvey (ex-of Eidos), according to T3. It dispenses with bulky consoles like the Xbox 360 by streaming games directly from their server to your screen. All you need is the tiny piece of hardware shown above and a broadband connection.

As all the games will be on OnLive's server, and they stream them to you, there is no need for DVDs, or the need for developers to rely on any middle men. Unsurprisingly there are plenty of developers fully behind this project, but let's hope they have the investment to make it a reality.

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