An early death

We told you a while back (way back in July, in fact) that Teletext was being slowly strangled to its inevitable demise, with the funeral coming in the new year. However that has all changed, as those dastardly dastards in charge of shutting it down are doing so early – almost all editorial content will be ended today and tomorrow.

The Daily Mail and General Trust, who own the service, have kicked all the interesting and sometimes psychotic (if you ever read the letters pages as a bored teenager like we did) content, and are killing the news and sports service on old analogue TVs, online and Freeview. However its purely commercial operations like Teletext Holidays, Racing on TV, teletextcars.co.uk and teletextcasino.co.uk online are still going.

It’s a sad day for those who grew up catching their games news from the legendary Digitizer, which was more often than not more accurate and interesting than the magazines in circulation.

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