An Android phone with a difference

Are you an Android fanboy? Have you got the latest Android phone? And an Android tablet? And even an Android-powered Google TV?

Well, we have news for you: there's one gadget you've forgotten. What about your home phone?

It might sound crazy but, when you think about it, there's no real reason a land phone shouldn't have all the useful apps and tools that a smartphone have. We mostly use our smartphone's features on the sofa at home, so why not use our landline and save our mobile's battery for when we go out?

This, we reckon, is the reasoning of French gadgetco Archos. They've just unveiled the 35 Smart Home Phone, a cordless home phone filled with Android-y goodness. 'This is likely the only home phone you'll find that can also video call, check your email, look up a topic on Wikipedia and satisfy gramps,' Engadget points out.

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, Archos have also stuck Android into a clock radio, the 35 Home Connect, complete with 50,000 internet radio stations.

So go on - get yourself more Android-ed up than ever. Think how jealous your Apple-loving friends will be.

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