Amnesty International's new video against Waterboarding

It's called waterboarding and for the Bush administration it's considered an acceptable interrogation method. But for Amnesty International, waterboarding is a form of torture, a point which they underline in a new video.

The video is called the 'Stuff of Life' and it lulls the viewer in with a beautiful opening shot of cascading clear water and a catchy soundtrack before cutting to disturbing shots of a man being waterboarded.

Waterboarding consists of tying someone on their back with their head tilted downwards and then pouring water over the face and into the breathing passages causing them to experience the process of drowning.

'Stuff of Life' was produced by Amnesty International as part of their Unsubscribe Me campaign. It's a movement for people who are opposed to human rights abuses carried out as part of the 'war on terror', from Guantanamo Bay, rendition and torture to waterboarding.

Stuff of Life

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