Amazon wants your gaming money

The internet is brilliant, isn't it? You want to buy some music, you choose it, click buy, and you can listen right away. Want to watch a film? Go to a streaming site and it's the same thing. Instant gratification.

But what about gamers? Why don't we get insta-entertainment? Why the interminable wait for a disc to come through the post, or the jaunt to GAME to pay over the odds for one?

Well, rejoice, gamers of Britain, for your agony is about to end. Word reaches us that retail giants Amazon are launching a games download service in the UK in October. If you're a PC or Mac gamer, rather than buying a disc, you'll simply be able to download the game of your choice straight to your PC.

Of course, games are big, and we hope you'll be able to burn them to disc - but suspect you won't, so you might want to invest in an external hard drive to stop your drive getting clogged up. But this is griping! Progress is progress, and we're happy to see the slow demise of physical media - it's great news for the environment, for one thing.

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