Amazon lends a hand

Here at Digitaledge we're big fans of e-books, and a Kindle is on our shopping list for Christmas. But there's lots of things we'd miss if books were all electronic-ised overnight - not least of which the ability to borrow books from our friends. Well, now there's, if not an app, at least an Amazon for that.

Amazon - the makers of the iPhone of e-book readers, Kindle, has just announced it's soon going to add the ability to 'lend' your Kindle books to a friend or colleague. We're not clear yet how it'll work - will you beam the book wirelessly to your friend's Kindle? Or, more likely, will you enter their Amazon email address to grant them access? We're not sure, but what's certain is you'll be able to lend them a book, free, for two weeks.

During that period, the person you lent the book to will be able to read it on their Kindle or, if they don't have one, their iPhone or other smartphone using the Kindle app. (Or even the web.) The bad news is that while your friend has it, you won't be able to access it yourself, but we suppose that's only fair.

We hope Amazon will allow for extensions soon, as we never finish a book in two weeks. (Engadget)

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