Amazon Kindle UK details

If you’re a bookworm who has been umming and ahhing about whether to splash out on the iPad because of the price, then the upcoming Amazon Kindle could well be for you.

The Amazon Kindle has been selling solidly since its release Stateside earlier this year, but until now the neat little gizmo hasn't been available on these lightly drizzled shores. Well as of August 27th, UK readers will be able to pick one up for a mere £109 for the wi-fi only version. If downloading books on the move is your thing though then for an extra £40 you can have the 3G enabled model.

To tie in with the UK launch, Amazon’s own download bookstore will also open on Aug 27th. The store currently boasts an eye-popping 400,000 titles of which approximately a quarter are free. With the Kindle itself holding an impressive 3,500 titles it's more a case of 'Little Expectations' rather than 'Great' to read them all.

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