Amazon Kindle laptops and netbooks: Re-inventing reading

Could this be the end of the print book in the hands of bus and train commuters all over the world? Amazon Kindle laptops and netbooks make a very good case for the complete digitization of the common book we love so dearly!

The latest Kindle Laptops boast Wi-Fi technology, a graphite finish and a 6" display with new E ink Pearl technology. The initial difficulties posed by incorporating books into a digital device, such as short battery life, strong build quality and screen shine have all been drastically improved to make Kindle's laptops irresistible to the avid reader.

Kindle laptops possess technology that mimics reading a print book. In this way the experience deviates very little, enticing even the staunchest traditionalist to succumb to a 3,500 capacity library in a single device.

Through Amazon, this device allows access to over 1.8 million out-of-copyright titles. It gives the user the ability to share passages of text with family and peers through a built-in connectivity to Facebook and Twitter.

If you are the kind of reader who prefers to read the latest hardback titles from your favourite writer at home, where you don't need to uncomfortably hold it in public, you'll be pleased to know that Kindle laptops come in at just under the weight of the average paperback novel.

If it turns out that you are just too tired to pick up your book after work or your eyesight is impaired, Kindle offers a Text-to-speech function. Your favourite novel can double as an audio book without having to pay expensive prices.

The new Amazon Kindle laptops have re-invented the way the world views print media. It incorporates all our favourite elements into one user friendly device.

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