Amazon Fire Phone review

Amazon has launched their first smartphone, the Amazon Fire phone. It has some interesting additions that the other smartphones do not offer yet, but there are mixed reviews as to whether or not it is worth buying. If you are considering purchasing this phone, here is a quick general overview of what it has to offer.

Fire Phone

Here is a general overview of what this phone offers.

The Specs

  • quad-core 2.2GHz processor
  • Adreno 330 Graphics Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • dual stereo speakers
  • 4.7 inch diagonally LCD HD Display
  • Durable Gorilla Glass 3 on both sides

The Camera

  • 13-mp rear-facing camera
  • f/2.0 five element lens
  • built-in optical image stabilization.
  • unlimited photo storage on its Cloud drive server, unlike Apple with its limited iCloud Library storage.

What's New

What makes this phone really stand out though from other phones is the 3D interface called the "Dynamic Perspectives". There are 4 built in cameras that produce this unique perspective. It has facial tracking capabilities, therefore allowing it to know which angle you are viewing it from. Also, by tilting the phone, you can read articles and navigate to different screens.

This interface will make the objects on Amazon look more realistic and is hoping to increase their sales through this phone.

The Amazon Fire phone also has a built in Firefly App which is a virtual recognition program. It can recognize bar codes, URL's, objects, music (similar to Shazaam) and audio from TV shows. When you show a piece of art work it has the capabilities of identifying the piece and then bringing up a Wikipedia page about it. You can create a list of things to identify, buy, or save on the phone.

On a side note, it also comes with earbuds that have a flat magnetic cord making tangling a thing of the past.


There are critics out there who believe Amazon is a bit late jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. It probably does not help that ATT are the exclusive carrier. While the 3D component is pretty interesting, is it worth dishing out $650 USD? That price is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S. While Amazon's main hope is that people will browse, compare and buy items with this phone, the Amazon app is already available for iOS and Android making it hardly necessary to buy the Fire Phone.

This phone also does not have Google Play Store. The user would need to go to Amazon's app store where there are 240,000 to choose from. Unforutnately it doesn't include YouTube or SnapChat.

What's the Rush

The Amazon Fire Phone would be an interesting purchase, but perhaps not necessary. They offer some unique capabilities, but they are also asking quite a bit of money for something that does not seem all that amazing. It will be interesting to see what the reception is like over the next little while. It might be a good idea to wait this model out and see what improvements they make in the next one.

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