Amazon breaks embargo on Grand Theft Auto V

  • Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto V (that's five in classy marketing terminology) is the most eagerly awaited video game since the last one. Some eager customers were a-waiting a little longer than others though as the almighty Amazon took it upon themselves to break an embargo and deliver it into gamers' clutches days before the launch on 17th September.

Coincidentally (or not?) delivering priceless publicity for Amazon's despatching service, GTA V dropped onto the doorsteps of some Amazon customers before it was available in shops. One of the lucky few was Will Guyatt, from gaming site IGN. "I got an early copy on Saturday, which I paid for myself," he said, "and was delighted on a personal level. But it's obviously going to cause problems. There are about 2,000 shops stocking the game ready for launch on Tuesday, so the number of people posting spoilers online is a bit sad".


This is hardly unprecedented, but for a high-profile game like GTA V it's a touch embarrassing, especially when early recipients can't resist the temptation to take to social media and crow about it, as well as spoiling a few of the game's surprises.

Scottish game designers Rockstar North will hardly be chuffed about the diminished impact of their launch. Amazon did not exactly sound contrite. "We have established processes in place to deliver new titles to customers on their release date," a spokesman said, "and are looking into the circumstances that led to a small number of customers receiving this game earlier than intended on this occasion".

Some of the games obviously made it straight into the resale market. Before release, London retailer CEX confirmed that pre-release versions were available. The asking price was around £75, double the official retail price. Hipster gamers were prepared to pay a premium of nearly £40 just for a few hours' worth of bragging rights.


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