Amazon alarm clock radios: Waking up has never been this easy

Either you're the kind of person who has the body clock of an Army ranger or you're like the vast majority of us. We've all experienced that lackluster fight to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning for work. Amazon offers a selection of solutions for this problem, alarm clocks, or clock radios to be precise.

As far as the modern morning time alarm goes we have three choices, our phone alarm, an old mind numbing chrome alarm clock or clock radios. It seems like an easy choice to me, a clock, an alarm and a radio in one. Amazon offers alarm clocks that don't end in you tossing the offending alarm across the room. Rather, you can set it to your favourite morning time radio show.

Most Amazon alarm clock radios are light, run on all available bandwidths and take battery power for when you're travelling. There are controls so you can adjust brightness and volume as you please, which also conserves power output.

Most modern alarm clock radios come with a built in feature for daylight savings time, adjusting your clock to the correct time automatically. This is a feature that, ultimately you can control. Amazon's alarm clock radios also come with a year and date setting, if you are ever groggy enough in the morning to forget either one.

Amazon's selections of alarm clock radios are packed with modern features, with simplistic controls that make older alarm clocks obsolete. They serve a very simple, singular purpose, to make getting up each morning that little bit easier.

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