Alternatives to Spotify

Streaming music's nothing new but if you've been using Spotify for a while without really looking into any alternatives, we've got some alternative music streaming services which are worth a look into. Alternatives to Spotify include Noon Pacific and the Hype Machine. We'll give you an idea which ones could replace Spotify.

Music streaming services

Noon Pacific is one of the best alternatives to Spotify. It's a service which sends you a new playlist at noon each week. This playlist is jammed full of new music the program thinks you'll love so this is a service that's great for anyone who's into new music but doesn't have the time to trawl the net for it. Noon Pacific offers an hour of great new music that's handpicked and delivered straight to you.

The Hype Machine

With a name like the Hype Machine, you'll be expecting a service that offers the latest and greatest music instantly and that's exactly what you get. It's been designed to collect the highest trending tracks. By trawling trend-setting music blogs for its content, you'll be getting the latest and greatest tracks as well as tracks that will be popular a month from now.


If you think of Upbeat as Reddit with great music, you'll get a mental image of the sort of service on offer here. This is from the same team who built Noon Pacific, so you can expect a top quality listening experience. There are very few tracks that refuse to play when you use this service and you're looking at a service that doesn't take up your resources when you're streaming all day.

The verdict

Are any of these alternatives to Spotify as good? That's a tough question to answer. They try and do something slightly different as each program has to pitch itself as an alternative to Spotify to gain attention. The only way you'll be able to answer that question is to try them for yourself.

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