Alpine Car Stereo: A Reliable Choice

The Alpine car stereo system includes head unit, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. In many cases, you may be interested only in the head unit, the speakers and the subwoofers. The stock unit generally depends on the car manufacturer and it includes features such as CD, Radio, and MP3 player. It is not delivered by Alpine.

Alpine Car System: Head Units

A car audio system has a control device that is situated between the driver and the dashboard and is usually known as a head unit. Alpine offers a variety of head units that can meet all expectations and compatibility requirements. Therefore, you have the chance to choose between CD receivers and digital media head units with different complexity levels.

CD Receiver Features

There are 10 different CD receiver head units that you have at your disposal from Alpine. Here are some of the most important features that the Alpine CD receivers can offer you:

  • Dual USB inputs
  • Compatibility with Nokia mobile phones
  • Navigation voice input
  • Bluetooth connection with many phones
  • iPod and iPhone compatibility
  • USB memory stick compatibility

Digital Media Head Units: Features

Alpine offers three choices when it comes to digital media receivers: iDA-X305S, iDA-X311 and iDA-X313. These three units have different options and compatibility levels that cannot be compared to standard car radios. Read on about the main features that define the digital media receivers from Alpine:

  • Play music from your iPhone or iPad
  • Play music using a USB memory
  • 24 bit D/A converter for higher quality signal
  • Dual Action Encoder for easy navigation
  • IMPRINT ready for higher sound quality
  • Bluetooth module for hands free connectivity of your phone
  • Full colour display and full power pack upgrade for any digital media Alpine car stereo system

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