Alpha jet ink cartridges; the greenest way to print.

Alpha Jet ink cartridges have been around for over a decade. They provide just about every type of cartridge at a reduced overall cost. We say overall because Alphajet will recycle up to 80% of the cartridges giving the customer more ink for their hard earned cash.

There really is nothing more annoying that spending a fortune on printer ink. Ink has always been a real problem for consumers, that's why most people will pay for printing at a specialist shop. Printers are incredibly cheap but this is ruined by how much people are expected to pay for replacement ink.

Alphajet were one of the first companies to really do refills and recycling right. They believe in breaking down all the old cartridges heading for landfill and recycling the plastic to form new moulds. This has enable Alphajet to cover just about every single type of cartridge ever produced!

What's even better is the fact that they now work hand in hand with Envirostream. Envirostream is a company that collects empty ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges, drum units and fuser units from businesses, schools and basically anyone that throws out cartridges. Again, this increases the amount of recycled cartridges circling the market.

Alphajet are easily the best option both morally and as far as cost goes. You can even refill time and time again from their website so be sure to check that out. As far as cheap ink that is environmentally friendly and can keep up with the best goes, Alphajet is our number one choice, check them out!

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