A guide to allinone printers

There are loads of different allinone printers available from a handful of different manufacturers, so rather than a complete guide to them all, here are three of the best available in different price brackets.

The Canon Pixma MP280 Photo Printer is a cheap printer, but should still do everything most people will need. Being an all-in-one printer it allows you to print, copy and scan. It can create vibrant photo's which Canon claim will last up to 300 years when stored in an archival quality photo album. It's small and therefore easy to tuck away somewhere, simple to set up, and has auto-correction and enhancement features to ensure that all prints and scans are clear and high quality. This printer is available from a variety of computer hardware retailers, including amazon.co.uk from around £27.

The HP 250 All-In-One Special Edition Printer is priced in the mid range, it's easy to use and high speed, printing or copying up to 20 pages per minute, making it ideal for anyone who needs to print large documents. Additionally it is reliable and well reviewed. It's currently available from around £45 from amazon.co.uk and other major retailers.

The Canon Pixma MG6150 is a high end home printer, priced at around £100. It has all the features of the Canon Pixma MP280, including its compact design, but on top of that it's also wireless, allows you to print full HD images from movies and is able to print directly from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. While not quite as high speed as the HP 250, it is about as feature packed an all-in-one printer as you'll find for £100, and like the other two it is available from amazon.co.uk and elsewhere.

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