All you need to start your ski season in style

Whether you're a seasoned pro with a penchant for off piste, or a novice dodging kids on the blue run and aiming to ski between mulled wine pit stops, head straight to the web for advice on this season's best. For a start, create a snow-dedicated page on your MIX to get yourself in the mood immediately.

A visit to SkiInfo will provide some valuable hints and tips on weather conditions in the most popular resorts and the Ski Club of Great Britain has up to the minute ski news from around the world. Natives has an extremely useful page of links to some top ski websites, so take a look if you're interested in doing a bit of extra-curricular reading. It's also got a great RSS feed you can add to your ski-dedicated personalised homepage too.

Exciting news this season for web-minded ski enthusiasts. You can get all the latest offers to the major ski resorts via RSS, straight to your MIX page too. This will save you heaps of time scouring around for the top deals. Fast Track Ski has an impressive list of resort-specific RSS feeds you can choose from whether you're planning an assault on Austria or a French frolic.

If skiing is not quite cool enough for you, have a look at the Snowboard Club UK and add their latest headlines to your MIX for up to date news. And of the blogs and podcasts? It seems the snowboarders are techies in disguise...a visit to Snowfix reveals an awesome video blog about all things snow related, presented by people cooler than ice itself, while SnowGo is a British blog dedicated to snowboarding. Add both the feeds to you MIX.

Finally, if you are embarking on a snow escape, make sure you don't leave home without your Bat Suit in case you're planning on doing something a little more...adventurous...


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