All tied up

The other week We gave you a load of cool looking video content from Rockstar’s upcoming game Red Dead Redemption, in which we learned what to expect from the game’s combat system, and what guns you could expect to have to blast away varmints, critter, outlaws and coppers (probably). Well in honour of the fact we reckon this could be one of the funnest games of the year (look out for funnest games of the year awards this time next year, by the way), we’re going to share with you the news that Rockstar have released some more screenshots.

Just to whet our collective whistle, the new screenshots show us gamers that we can expect to be lasooing badasses, as well as big animals, all over the cotton-picking place. Just how much this is going to affect the gameplay isn’t known yet – Rockstar have a habit of adding neat touches which get neglected as they’re not really integrated into the game (GTA4 is full of them – does anyone really go and play pool or take a helicopter ride unless they have to?) and the game has been bedevilled with production problems, but fingers crossed we get some wild west fun.

Red Dead Redemption moseys on into town on 30 April, so look out for more previews, trailer, pics and hopefully a review before you get stuck in.

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