A homeschooling guide - Why you need an all in one printer

If you are buying a printer, consider an all in one printer. In this way, you get a printer, fax, scanner and copier all rolled into one machine. You won't ever have to consider buying each of them individually which costs more in total and cluttering your home with cords, not to mention taking up precious desk space.

3 things to print for homeschooling

With a computer that is connected to the internet, all you need is a printer and you have all your printing needs for homeschooling covered. Here are 3 things you should print in advance:

  1. Lesson plans
  2. Worksheets
  3. Homeschooling forms

When you need to fax

You may want to order some homeschooling supplies through faxing. Faxing may also be the fast way to communicate with some authorities.

What to scan

Preserve your child's work

Physical copies will inevitably deteriorate in one way or another, through the passage of time. The best way to preserve the beauty of your child's work is by digitising them. Now you have both hard and soft copies. Treat the soft copy as a backup and as another way to view and share your child's work with people who matter.

Digitise your homeschool records

Surely you have homeschooling records to keep like report cards, transcripts and so on. Make a digital copy of all of them for safe keeping.

What to copy

If you have more than one child to homeschool, chances are, you need to make copies of the same information. Imagine the convenience of doing this right at home through an all in one printer that you own.

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