The top five all in one laser printers

Budget all in one printers

For an impressive £80 the Philips 6020 offers excellent value for money. Incorporating printing, scanning and photocopying functions, this machine can hold a handy 250 sheets of paper and includes a special Eco function for energy saving efficiency.

For an extra £50 the Samsung SCX-3205 offers superior printing quality along with the photocopying and scanning options. Samsung is a multinational corporation whose quality of products can always be relied on.

Wireless all in one laser printers

Again from Samsung the SCX-3205W offers all the above quality functions with the added bonus of dispensing with the need for all those ugly and irritating wires. A very affordable £169 ensures you will never get your wires in a tangled mess again.

All in one laser printers and fax

If your business deals with a lot of faxes, then an all in one unit that offers a faxing service as well as the usual printing, copying and scanning functions will be the ideal solution. The HP Colour Laserjet 2840 is a fantastic example in this range, offering 18 second delivery for black and white prints and 29 seconds for colour ones. All this for a mere £360 makes this an excellent value for money all round machine.

Top range Multifunction laser printers

For an extra £100 however, you can pick up a top range multifunction machine. The MFC-8890DW from Brother is one of the best on the market, offering a very impressive print speed of 30 per minute. This model also has the capacity for holding up to 550 sheets of paper has a 64MB of memory and, best of all, comes with a free three year warranty.


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