Cheap All in One Inkjet Printers

All in one inkjet printers often are often capable of printing alongside a combination of three or more of the following: scanning, copying, emailing and faxing. The main advantages of all in one inkjet printers are that you only need one piece of equipment. Although this is larger than a regular inkjet printer, if you consider the amount of space you would require for a scanner, photocopier, computer, computer for emails and a fax machine, it is clear you can save plenty of space and money by purchasing an all in one inkjet printer.

Why Inkjet Printers?

Inkjet printers operate in an entirely different way to other types of printer, such as laser printers. Inkjet printers are generally of a lower quality, and operate by spraying ink across the page you are printing on.

Finding a Cheap All in One Inkjet Printer

Cheap all in one inkjet printers can be bought through a range of means, including in person, from catalogues and on the Internet.

In Person

When looking to buy an all in one inkjet printer in person, you should visit high street electronics and stationery stores. This gives you the advantage of being able to see your printers in the flesh while you also save on the cost of postage and packaging.


You can also buy your multifunctional printer through office supply and consumer electronics catalogues, with specialist catalogues selling printers and their accessories only.


Finally, all in one printers are widely available online, both first and second hand. Websites such as Printerland.co.uk or Ebuyer.com can provide first hand and ex-demonstration printers, while person-to-person sites where you can buy printers include Ebay.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk.

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