All change again at Facebook

Hey, you know what we haven't had for a while? A new iPhone? Well, yes, but for once that's not what this story is about. Nope, we were thinking of a giant, controversial Facebook revamp.

You know the kind - whether it's redesigning profiles or fiddling with the homepage, Facebook loves to shake things up every few months, inevitably triggering a giant user 'rebellion' wherein thousands of users threaten to leave and none actually do. Well, Facebook obviously noticed we hadn't had one of these for a while, as they've just announced one.

The new changes build, sort of at least, on the revisions to Friend Lists introduced last week. Those changes, which may or may not have been a response to Google+, made the feature to sort your friends into lists more prominent and added new 'smart lists' for things like friends from your city to help organise things. Those changes, along with the introduction of new, granular subscription settings, are designed to make it easier for you to control how much of what sort of stuff you see on the social network.

But as always, having given us more control with one hand, now they're taking control away with the other. In a set of changes rolling out this week, Facebook are getting rid of the old division between 'most recent' and 'top stories' in the News Feed. Instead, the News Feed will automatically adjust to show you the most important stories since you last logged in - be that three weeks ago, or three hours. Those addicted to as-it-happens news will see live updates in a 'ticker' on the right of the page, but only if they have a widescreen monitor.

That's the theory. Needless to say, it's provoking much outrage, with users commenting in their thousands on Facebook's blog explaining the changes. 'LEAVE THINGS ALONE....I want to choose what I see for MYSELF! UGH.... Give me back most the recent button!' says Debbie Bollinger Strong, for example.

This is not surprising. But we're intrigued: have you 'got' the new News Feed, which is being 'rolled out' to all users, yet? If so, are you loving or hating the changes? Sound off below.

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