Aliens discovered on the Internet

Elvis has been spotted working at a 7-11 in Surbiton, aliens have secretly taken control of the internet, Bill Gates IS an alien (well, who hadn't guessed that one...??) and it's all just a cover up to hide the fact that we are all direct descendents of another life form which built the pyramids for the Egyptians many years ago.

Whatever the theory, there's someone out there discussing it and WebTwitcher today brings you, dear reader, the RSS feeds you can add to your MIX from Above Top Secret, one of the best conspiracy theorist sites brought to you by (surprise surprise) our beloved cousins from across the Big Pond.

One thing that caught WebTwitcher's eye (apart from the fact that currently being debated is the start of WW111, scheduled for today) is that one of the site's main advertisers is none other than Pheonix State University (Live and Learn). I wonder what it's like wandering around that campus...


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