We review Alien vs Predator PC game download and find the best price

If you are a PC gamer and you want to make your next game something a little different to your generic first person shooter, then why not take a look at Alien Vs Predator? In this blog, we are going to give our verdict on this atmospheric title, and even show you where you can pick up Alien vs Predator PC game download for a reasonable price! So let's take a look.

Alien Vs Predator has been out around two years now, but isn't showing any signs of age thanks to some impressive graphics and brilliant lighting effects. It's a dream scenario for gamers who are into the Aliens or Predators franchise, as you get to control both of these powerful beasts, as well as to feel the clausterphobia as you control one of the human marines too.

The basic single player element of the game has three different campaigns, and each one plays completely differently. Each represents one of the factions in the game, and there is plenty of replayability if you fancy doing all three of them. The most fun is to be had playing as one of the Aliens in our opinion, as nothing comes close to the feeling of stalking your prey while you hang from the roof!

Multiplayer is fully included in the game as you would expect, and it is equally fun, with players choosing their side, and having their gameplay experience shaped to whatever faction they choose. Getting the game for PC nowadays is easy and cheap. Amazon.co.uk have the game brand new for an outrageous price of just £3.05, so scoop it up before they sell out!


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