Our review of Alien vs Predator on Xbox 360

Looking for a new game? If you've been thinking of picking up Alien Predator Xbox 360 then you aren't alone. Fans of both franchises have been salivating over this game since it was announced.

For any child of the 1980s, Alien and the Predator both oozed cool. Each was a high-point in a decade brimming with brilliant science fiction movies. Previous attempts at games involving both have been a mixed bag, but that hasn't stopped the Rebellion Studio taking a crack at capturing the on-screen magic of both franchises by bringing them together for a blockbuster game.

The game is standard first person shooter fare, with a sci-fi twist. Three seperate campaigns vie with each other for your attention, as, at the start of the game, you can start as a human, an Alien, or as a Predator. Which campaign you choose will decide how much fun you have. Gliding around the levels as an Alien is far more fun and rewarding than slogging it as a Human.

The Predator is slightly overpowered also, as it possesses a number of cheap attacks that can kill enemies in one hit.

Fans of multiplayer will be delighted to hear the game features a full range of multiplayer options. Playing as a human, going up against an Alien, is a scary experience, and helps recapture the dread of the movie's most famous scenes.

While the game is largely fun, there are far better shooters out there right now. If you can pick Alien Predator xbox 360 up for a bargain price, then we highly recommend it! Otherwise, stick to the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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