Aldi Laptop Special Purchase

The January 2011 special purchase Aldi laptop was Medion's Akoya E7216 notebook with a High Definition 17-inch screen. This is 5 inches larger than the biggest MacBook Air screen. It boasts enough bells and whistles to make it worth the £500 price. If you catch one on sale at Aldi, you can save half off the largest MacBook Air.

Aldi Laptop Configuration

Configured with 3 GB of memory on the Intel capable-350 processor, it has more ram installed than the MacBook Air. The spunky laptop has a competent processor capable of running video editing programs, productivity software and, of course, surfing the internet. You may experience some lag or sputtering when streaming videos, but downloading them to the laptop's hard drive or a USB memory stick will help to even out the laptop's response and buffering stutters. With these specifications, the video does not run a close second to Apple's MacBook Air video capabilities.

Aldi Laptop Options

When introduced, the Medion was ranked as a budget laptop, but it offers more options than the MacBook Air, a higher priced notebook. A 350 GB hard drive with an additional bay for a second hard drive puts it ahead of its main competitors. The MacBook Air relies on a flash memory scheme to decrease the boot time. The Medion sports a USB TV aerial for catching broadcast signals. In addition, it has a connector port for a full-size home TV aerial that provides better reception. Aldi's Medion laptop also boasts and HDMI port and a SATA external hard drive connector.

Aldi Laptop Storage

The optical storage in the base configuration is the standard CD/DVD writer common to laptops in this class. Like the MacBook Air it has a built-in SD card slot, saving users the expense of buying a USB memory card reader that would use one of the four available USB ports. The MacBook Air only has two USB ports, making a hub almost inevitable.

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