The Alba 10 sheet paper shredder

The Alba 10 sheet paper shredder is one of many shredders that Alba have on the market. Alba are a company that mainly supply Argos so when you see an Alba product you like online, Argos is the store that needs checking out.

As far as paper shredders go there are literally hundreds of different types out there. Argos stock over 30 different types in some of their bigger stores so no matter what, you can get a paper shredder without any hassle.

The reason we have decided to talk about the 'Alba 10 sheet cross cut paper shredder' is because of the reviews this machine has been getting online from personal users and businesses alike.

Thanks to the ability to shred up to 10 sheets of paper at a time, businesses have great use when destroying private documents. When it comes to a home user the compact size of the machine is appealing. A shredder is one of the best ways to dispose of bills, banks statements or other private documents.

The main features of the machine are it's cross cut shredding, 20 litre waste basket, credit cards shredding, CD/DVDs shredding, auto cut-out and the ability to accept staples. All of these features make shredding documents that bit easier, epically the fact that there is no need to remove the staples.

Thanks to the safety cut-out you will never have to worry about hurting yourself should there be a paper jam. If you need the security of really mincing your documents and credit cards, the Alba 10 sheet cross cut paper shredder is top of the line!

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