Alas poor Tom

The sad decline of MySpace continues. The social network 'entertainment destination' - which launched the careers of Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys and, um, Tila Tequila - has already shed half its staff earlier this year, and now it seems a much-ballyhooed redesign in the autumn - which saw it abandon any remaining social-network pretensions by letting users sign in with their Facebook accounts - doesn't appear to have stopped it from haemorrhaging users.

The latest figures show that 63 million people used MySpace in February. That might sound respectable, but in February 2010 the figure was 110 million. Losing 50 million users is, it's fair to say, not good.

The news comes amid reports that the site is already for sale. It's currently owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who isn't renowned for hanging onto loss-making properties. But nothing official has been said about a possible sale for a while. (That hasn't stopped an enterprising group of users from trying to buy it and turn it into a community-focused Facebook rival.)

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