Benefits of an Alarm Clock Radio

An alarm clock is a very important gadget to have if you want to rise up early and on time. Alarm clock radios were first manufactured by Levi Hutchins from the United States in 1787. It had a ringing bell on top of the clock set at a specific time. It was an alternative to being awoken by the rooster on the farm. Alarm clocks have evolved from its simple mechanical design to its powerhouse features today. It has now incorporated itself with other innovative gadgets such as radios, cellular phones, computers and MP3s. Alarm clocks can be categorized by the style of time display and the system of keeping time.

Clock Radio Innovations - With all its innovations, the radio alarm clocks are fast becoming a trend in homes today. The major features are the timed alarm, which is now a standard in most alarm clock radios as well as AM/FM radio. Today, you don't have to wake up to the jarring sound of the traditional alarm sounds. With advanced technology, rather than listening to a consistent beeping sound, you can now wake up to the sound of your favourite AM/FM station. You can even lull yourself to sleep with its sleep function which lets you listen to your favourite music until you fall asleep.

Features - Radio alarm clocks come in various shapes, style, sizes and colours. Categories of radio alarm clocks can be according to type of display (LED, VED or LCD) and whether it features a 24 or 12-hour notation of keeping time. Some radio clocks feature a hidden video camera. These clocks come with a projector function that can record you while you sleep. You will just have to decide on the best type to suit your preferred style and arrangement in your home. Some alarm clocks come with voice activation. When set to a time, you can record your voice as the sound to wake you from sleeping.

Benefits - One benefit of using an alarm clock radio is to wake yourself from sleep with music that you enjoy. Use the snooze functions if you wish to receive a few more minutes of sleep time. The digital-LED displays are efficient for people who are visually impaired. Automate your sleep habits with automatic shut-off and start settings.

Disadvantages - Although the radio alarm clocks yield many benefits, there are also some disadvantages. Radio alarm clocks are not suited for individuals who are hearing impaired. However, technology has delivered the alarm radio clock with features such as vibrating alert. Another disadvantage is that radio alarm clocks with various features will cost more than a typical alarm clock. Some reviews of various alarm clock radios conclude that there have been issues noted with pre-set radio stations and radio volume.


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