Look forward to getting up in the mornings with a novelty alarm clock

If you love nothing more than to languish in bed and have rather grown to dislike your alarm clock, perhaps it's time to get a funky new model - one that's great fun to wake up with!

We got up early on your behalf and did some scouting around - take a look at the fantastic clocks we found!

  • Lego Radio Alarm Clock - Whoever decided to have this much loved and familiar icon stir you from your slumber is an absolute genius in our book. This colourful, chunky gadget is 10 times the size of a regular Lego brick and its round connectors have become volume and tuner knobs. It works on mains or batteries and has an AM/ FM radio, backlit display, 12 or 24 hour clock and alarm and snooze functions.
  • Arcade Alarm Clock - Game on! Recapture your teens with this joystick adorned, bedside jewel in the form of a miniature retro arcade machine with LCD clock. The joysticks are the controls to set your alarm which, reassuringly, sounds like your favourite games of old!Snooze and backlight buttons also feature in this battery operated model.
  • Pac-Man Alarm Clock - Shiny, yellow and just plain fantastic, this cute alarm clock with large, easy to read display is a touching homage to the 1980s icon himself. The battery operated gadget has snooze, alarm off and backlight functions, and to wake you up it plays a few lively bars of the Pac-Man arcade tune. Ah, it truly is the stuff dreams are made of!


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