Alan Wake DLC confirmed

There has been much anticipation surrounding the release of Alan Wake ever since the concept of the game was revealed: the bizarre story of a novelist whose story comes to life in front of him, told through the medium of a third person action/thriller with the focus on suspense was more than enough to pique interest, and now having seen the gameplay action that we showed you last week, we’re hoping for something special.

What AW owners can expect come the games release next week is some DLC ready and waiting. It’s due for availability on 28 July and will be free to everyone who owns the game, and developer Remedy have revealed that it won’t extend the main story at all (like Assassin’s Creed 2, for example), but rather give a ‘different perspective’ on things.

‘We are doing some game add-ons like we've announced,’ said Oskari Hakkinen from Remedy. ‘These will be standalone episodes that will bridge between season one and hopefully the possibility of doing a season two. Season one - just to be clear - is a full package and you'll unravel the mystery and reach all your goals.

‘The game add-ons aren't telling more of the story, so to speak. It'll give you a different perspective on the things you've done on season one and then trying to set you up for the possible things you're going to do in season two.’

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