Airprint Printers Information

Equipment Required for AirPrint

AirPrint is a trademarked name as defined by Apple. As such, AirPrint is only available to those with both an AirPrint printer and an Apple iOS device.

Finding AirPrint Compatible Printers

Many of the leading printer manufacturers have released AirPrint printers hoping to capitalise on this emerging market.

Visit the website of such major printing companies as Epson.co.uk and Hp.com/uk and navigate your web browser to look at the printers available.

Read the product specification for each printer to make sure that it is AirPrint compatible.

Once you have found a suitable range of printers, perform a price comparison search to find your AirPrint printers at the lowest price possible.

Websites such as Pricerunner.co.uk and Kelkoo.co.uk to compare the prices of AirPrint compatible printers.

Finding iOS Devices with AirPrint

Your Apple product must be sufficiently contemporary to enable you to use the AirPrint function.

AirPrint is only compatible with the iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the second generation and beyond iPod Touch.

Furthermore, your phone must be running, at the very least, iOS 4.2 or one of the more recent operating systems.

Before buying a Apple product with the intent of using the AirPrint function, make sure that it is AirPrint compatible by reading the product specification online. Visit Apple.com/uk to find each of their products' specifications.

Printing Using AirPrint

Printing using AirPrint does not require you to install any drivers. Simply switch on your Apple device and your printer, hit print on your Apple device and select the relevant printer.


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