Ahhh its a snake, on a plane

Jeepers creepers, snakes on a plane, what's the world coming to? Since my "Ahhh its a snake, a snake" post the world has gone slithering crazy! The latest phenomena to hit the web world comes in the formidable form of Samuel L Jackson and his new movie, yes you've guessed it, Snakes on a Plane. What kind of a film title do you call that??!

Incredulity aside, because yes, it really is a film not some comedy web gag, the online marketing marvels have created a buzz around the film through a cheeky little website where you can log on, create a personalised message for a friend, enter a phone number and Samuel L Jackson himself (well, a recorded voice, not the actual real life SLJ) will deliver the message. Simple, but very effective way of getting people talking about the film. Which incedentally I now have to go and see.

Anything with a strap line "Snakes on a Plane - its about snakes...on a plane" just deserves a WebTwitcher viewing for title originality alone.


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