Agar io cheats, hints and tips

Agar.io is an addictive multiplayer top down strategy games that east to get into but impossible to put down. You can play this one in your browser through sites like agar.io and twitch.tv. If you’re ready to pull your hair out in utter frustration at this additively simple but deceptively awkward little game, we’ve got some Agar io cheats, hints and tips that will help you get more out of the game.

How to play

In Agar.io you play a cell whose goal is to collect as many pellets as you can from around the map. This will make you grow in size which will make you a bigger and bigger threat to your opponents. This is a game where the big cell has power over the small cells because if a larger cell catches a smaller one, the smaller of the two is consumed. You don’t want that to happen because that puts you right back at the start.


Select “Show Mass” and “Dark Theme” before you begin playing as these make the game clearer during play. Splitting off by pressing the space bar reduces your mass so makes you vulnerable to other players whose cells are larger but it makes you quicker as the bigger you are, the slower you are. The other thing you can do to get away from bigger players is to hide underneath the spikey cells you’ll find in the game. These are cells you can’t consume so when you reach them, your cell automatically hides underneath them if it’s smaller than they are.


The team responsible for Agar io are working on a full steam version that will allow you to gain access to stats, different game modes and other stuff to enhance your experience.

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