Specifications and Guide to the Advent Verona 13.3 Widescreen Laptop


The Advent Verona 13.3 widescreen laptop is one of the cheapest ULV laptops available. You can pick up the laptop for a reasonable £250 - £330, depending on the retailer you purchase from. The Advent Verona is half way between a budget notebook (low performance but cheap price) and a standard widescreen laptop (more money for high performance), but works well as a light weight laptop with basic office functions.SpecificationsThe Advent Verona 13.3 widescreen laptop weighs 1.6kg, which is quite light for any laptop. As suggested in its name, it has a 13.3 inch widescreen display and an Intel Celeron processor with slightly lower speed than the average laptop of 1.2GHz. The laptop's 3GB of memory, which also runs the Intel processor, is good enough to run everyday office functions (i.e., Microsoft Word or social networking). The laptop also contains a 1MB memory cache, which, combined with its 3GB of RAM memory, make it an excellent laptop for multi-tasking with basic programmes. However, the processor may not be able to cope with graphic-intensive programmes or multi memory-heavy applications.If you require a model with better memory then you can add USB memory sticks or install additionally memory, but if you need to drastically alter the laptop (for example,using the Advent Verona as a gaming laptop) then you're better off buying a laptop designed for your particular needs rather than modifying an Advent extensively.The laptop uses a Windows 7 operating system and a 1.3 megapixel webcam on the front screen. The 13.3 screen uses a standard 11366 x 768 pixel display, ideal for viewing high definition videos and gives the overall user interface a bright, sharp focus (mainly due to the high gloss coating over the screen).Pros of the Advent Verona 13.3 Widescreen Laptop
  • Ideal for use as a second computer in a family home or for students who need a light-weight laptop to perform basic functions.
  • Cheaper than a larger laptop with high performance but is faster and more responsive than a budget notebook laptop.
  • Widescreen display for internet browsing and watching movies.
  • User-friendly operating system (Windows 7).
Cons of Purchasing an Advent Verona 13.3 Widescreen Laptop
  • A light weight laptop means a lighter battery; the slim-line battery power only lasts for 3 hours, if fully charged and barely used. Typical usage of the laptop results in only 2 hours of battery life.
  • The laptop can't perform memory intensive multi-task operations, such as running a game or a graphics design software at the same time. For this reason, the Advent Verona is best to be used for minimal office tasks or simple operations like internet browsing.
  • Windows 7 runs smoothly but encounters problems if multi applications are ran at once.
  • The Advent Verona's keyboard doesn't perform as well as other laptop models; keys have been reported to be wobbly and less responsive than other laptop models.

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