We check out the Advent Roma 2000 Award 15.6 Inch Widescreen Laptop

With the laptop market as diluted as it is right now, there are countless bargains to be had for those with a little patience and an eye for detail. With component parts now cheaper and more reliable than ever, even chancing your arm with a less recognised brand can prove to be a very shrewd investment. With this in mind, we take a look at the Advent Roma 2000 Award 15.6 Inch Widescreen Laptop to see how it measures up against the bigger brand competition.

It may not have the most powerful processor in the world, with an Intel Celeron C900 chip running at 2.2GHZ with an 800MHz FSB and 1MB L2 Cache, but unless you're planning on using it for particularly intensive applications like gaming or multimedia development, then it should be fine for most people's needs.

Coming as standard with Windows 7, it offers a stable and reliable working environment that should cause you absolutely no trouble at all - a far cry from the bug ridden Vista!

It features 3GB of DDR2 RAM as standard which, again like the processor, isn't going to win it any awards for power but should adequately cover the day to day needs of most end users. This is supplemented by a 320GB hard drive on which to store your programs, movies, music and files for easy access on the go.

The 15.6" Widescreen TFT LCD display is of surprisingly high standard, and offers great usability even at the lower range of screen brightness settings. This is a good thing, given that the battery barely manages to last more than two hours at a time. Quite where all that power is going we're not sure - it's certainly not to the processor!

To sum up, the Advent Roma 2000 Award 15.6 Widescreen Laptop is by no means a bad machine, but if you're looking for a device with a somewhat decent battery life then you may as well look elsewhere. For the money it would cost you to upgrade the standard battery, you'd get a laptop with far better specs than are on offer here.

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