Advent notebooks; a great inexpensive alternative.

With so many brands out there you are probably wondering what makes Advent notebooks stand out of an already crowded market. The truth is one thing, price.

While there are lots of notebook brands and budget brands very few create machine of the same quality level as an Advent. They have become huge over the last few years thanks to their low costing and great build quality.

Advent actually started on a much shakier road. They have always made cheap laptops but they never really got great reviews, Advent were always loosing marks on their build quality and performance.

Instead of sitting there and just knocking out countless middle of the road machines, Advent decided to push for a new batch of better built notebooks and it paid off.

Now Advent is a highly trusted name in the notebook market and they have been continuing the trend of high quality, low cost. Take for example the Advent Sienna 500. This notebook has been getting amazing reviews online.

Thanks to it's Core i5 this really is power made cheap. The screen is beautiful with high end contrast and a high resolution to ensure crisp, sharp display.

Another major factor for notebook users has to be the keyboard. It is the perfect notebook keyboard. The keys lay pretty flat to the surface and they have a great feeling of response.

While a budget laptop is never going to stand up to higher end laptops, Advent have really been giving them a good run. If you are looking for an affordable, quality laptop then maybe it's time you got an Advent.

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