Finding affordable Advent ink colour cartridge ACLR10

If you bought yourself an Advent printer in the last few years you'll probably have noticed the same thing as everyone else who made the investment - ink is bloody hard to find! This is one of the main problems with buying a printer from a brand who have yet to reach the point of widespread mainstream acceptance and recognition, and it means that regardless of how good the printer itself actually is, it can quickly be rendered worthless, therefore losing a customer for the manufacturer.

And this is exactly what we're finding when we speak to people about the Advent brand of printers. Despite the fact that their equipment is actually rather good, and certainly stands up against similarly priced printers from other companies, more and more people are growing to regret their purchase when they find out that buying ink is such an arduous task.

We hate to see good computer equipment go to waste though, so we've decided to find out the best places to buy Advent ink colour cartridge ACLR10 both online and in bricks and mortar stores.

For those of you who are one step ahead of the game and decided to check out the manufacturer's website at www.adventcomputers.co.uk, you'll no doubt have been delighted to see the ACLR10 listed among their products with a handy "Buy Now" button underneath it. However you'll probably have been quite disappointed, like us, when you clicked it to find out that it didn't bring you to a purchase page and instead you found yourself right back where you started on the Advent homepage.

Whether this is just sloppy web design, or a cunning ploy to get more hits on their website from people desperate to find ink remains to be seen, but either way it does us absolutely no good in our search.

No, instead you'll have to pop over to PC World, either on the internet at www.pcworld.co.uk or your local store in order to find the actual ink cartridges. However we would advise you act fast, currently listed at £18.99 with a buy one get one free offer, the ACLR10 tri-colour cartridges are starting to get a little thin on the ground so stocking up might be the only sensible option open to those of you who want to keep your printer up and running for a few more years.

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